Mommies have too much to do

Tonight was a really rough night here. Scratch that… today was a rough day. My husband caught a 5am flight out West and my day started at 5am as well with the girls getting up. I was confident that everything would work out well but I was wrong. Lucia is 10 weeks now and that has to be a factor, but this child decided that sleep was for suckas and would not sleep unless she was in arms. I tried the sling, the wrap, the bouncy chair… all bupkis. I would guesstimate that her total sleep for today was at most 2 hours.
When she fell asleep at 6p, I was super excited, thinking “Great, she’s out. I’ll get Brigid down and everything will work out well.” Nope. She woke up 40 minutes later. Brigid had a lonely bath as I was trying to get her sister to sleep, story time was cut short and she had to endure Lucia’s crying as I was singing her to sleep. By 830p I had reached my limit and I did something I thought I’d never do… I called my mom, crying. She told me everything would be OK and that I could do this without DH being here. She calmed me down and I was able to finally get Lucia to sleep and I finally was able to eat as well.
I love my husband, but I don’t think that he would have been able to endure what I went through tonight… hell, what I go through everyday. Mommies surely have the bulk of the work to do in many families and I can’t help but wonder how Daddies get away with so much?
Is there a disconnect in the nurturing styles between men and women? Is the bond between mother and child really so strong as to supercede everything else, or have men, through years of conditioning just taken themselves out of the picture?

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