Phantom Baby Cries

I am not convinced that my mind is heading out of town. After a pretty good workout this morning (it wasn’t great because it was not my very missed spinning class) I managed to get the girls home and down for a nap. That meant, shower time for Mama! In peace no less. Right before jumping in, I sneaked a peek at LR and she was snoozing happily. Now, earlier this week, when I hit the shower, I managed to wake her up with the screeching of the curtain on the rail and had to take a crazy fast shower so I could soothe my crying babe. Since that incident, I have been working really hard at making my getting into the shower as steathy as possible.

As I get in and start washing my hair, I hear… cries. Oh, no. I’ve woken the baby, there went my hope for a long, luxurious shower without interruption. Granted, my showers are not that long to begin with but since my hair’s been falling out (postpardum hairloss) it’s taking a little longer because I have to make sure all of the hair is off of me. Gross, but what can you do. I zip through the shower, turn off the water and hear… silence? So, either she woke up, cried and fell back asleep or she never woke up and I imagined the whole thing. Looking at how she was positioned… I believe it was the latter rather than the former.

On that note, everyone have a very happy New Year! I said that I was not going to make any resolutions, but I will resolve to blog a bit more.


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