Friday after Ash Wednesday- Psalm 3

How much do you trust in the Lord? Matthew 6:25-34 reminds us that worrying gets us nowhere and that we have no need to worry as the Lord will take care of us. Psalm 3 uses this same thought process. This Psalm is classified as a lament as the speaker is complaining about the enemies who deny that God will come to the rescue. These enemies can take on many different forms in out modern lives. They are the loved ones who feel that there are only conincidences, not God’s work at hand, the co-worker who subtly mocks your belief; the child who has turned away from the faith.

Throughout the Psalm, the speaker prays for and thanks the Lord for His protection, day and night and later, prays that his enemies will be silenced (by the shattering of jaws and breaking of teeth) Despite this, it goes on to end with a peaceful expression of trust. Since we usually best remember the last thing that we are told, I believe that is what the psalmist wants us to take away. That “safety comes from the Lord! Your blessing for your people!”

Yes, there will be people who will chastise you for your belief… love them anyway. It is not our duty to try to change the hearts of those who have hardened theirs against God, but we are to love them because, to some people, you are the only Bible they will ever read.

Pax Christi!

Meatless Friday’s Menu:

African Peanut Soup in the CrockPot

Crusty Bread

Green Salad


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