A few years back, those WWJD bracelets were huge. I am not sure how they got started but everywhere you looked, there was someone wearing a bracelet that said WWJD (What would Jesus Do.) I guess they were used as kind of a conscience guide, a moral compass of sorts. You don’t see them much anymore but the sentiment is still here.

Earlier, I talked about the importance of the varying Elizabeths in your lives and this week, one of my favorite bloggers wrote a piece on how we need to stop judging each other and start helping each other. Last week, I was struck by Strep Throat. I’ve never had this illness and I was sure that I was dying of something for sure. (OK, I can be a little melodramatic but it was horrid.) What made the situation worse is that my husband was traveling for work and not home. I know that a character flaw of mine is that I am too proud to ask for help when I need it. I’d rather muddle through and hope for the best rather than just saying “Hey, I can’t do it all… I need help.” This illness made me lose my pride and ask for help and help arrived in my friend, Paulette.

Paulette is the mother of 4 grown children and quite a few grandsons, but no granddaughters so she’s adopted my girls as her own. When I called Paulette on Thursday and asked for help, she came right over. I can’t tell you much as to what happened as I spent most of the day either sleeping, vomiting or nursing but I know that my girls were happy and my dishes got done (Bonus!) She repeated this on Friday, when I finally decided to go in to see what was going on and stayed both nights until my girls were in bed asleep before heading home herself.

Paulette gives selflessly. She thinks nothing of what other things she could be doing, rather she focuses on what is needed at that time. She tells me time and time again that she’s been there… she’s been a mother with little kids and a husband on the road and in her case, like mine, she didn’t have family near… she also didn’t have her own Paulette. Just that little action of being there for a mother is huge.

So, maybe, instead of thinking WWJD we should be thinking WWMD (what would Mary do) or WWED (what would Elizabeth do? ) While Christ was fully human and fully divine, Mary and Elizabeth were fully human and fully mothers.


So what can you do to help out another mother in your life? Think small… fix an extra lasagne and drop it off, call her up to see if you can take her kids for an hour or two, offer to pick her kids up from school, pick up an extra latte or tea next time you are hitting the drive-thru. It doesn’t have to be much but it will mean a lot to her. What would you do?


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