“Buy Crap Party” season

’tis the season for the “Buy Crap Party.” They go by many names: Tupperware, Avon, Pampered Chef, Lia Sophia, etc, etc. They are all structured in the same way: your dear friend/acquaintance/person you just met sends you an email/ postcard/letter/evite to come to their house, enjoy some cocktails and good friends and oh, by the way, listen to a spiel and buy crap. And you know that you are going to buy that crap because what kind of guest comes to a person’s home, eats their food, drinks their drinks and then leaves?? Especially when the crap is fantastics and ohmygoshIcan’tlivewithoutTHAT!

Buy Crap parties are mostly positives. Most of the companies now have dropped the high pressure sales tactics and just let you be. You are not pushed into hosting your own parties or *gasp* joining the company but they do make those options very, very, very tasty. After all… that’s how I managed to get talked into hosting not one but two different “buy crap” parties in the span of three weeks.

Yes, I will sell out my friends for a $20 roaster. See you there.


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One response to ““Buy Crap Party” season

  1. Alisha

    $20.00 roaster!!!!? That hostess gift rocks!! ohhh…thats how they get ya.

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