Adventures in Potty Learning

I am so over diapers on the Bear. But she, alas, is not. The Bear will be three in July (I know, still very young) but seriously, I am so over diapering her. I guess it wouldn’t be so bad except for how she fights me over every diaper change! It’s not just the fact that I have to change her that she fights but it’s what diaper she wears. For the most part, my kids are in cloth except when we go to the YMCA (they won’t change cloth and it’s hard to be heard when they page. I understand why they won’t change cloth because of the risk of contamination but they wear gloves when changing diapers anyway but it’s not my rule) and occasionally when we are out and about and I may not have the chance to change as often as I should *shame*

So you would think with the fighting about getting changed, what type of diaper to wear (she prefers the disposable,) “hiding” when she has to have a BM, asking to be changed after said BM, that she would be all about learning to go on the potty. Nope. Not even the temptation of chocolate or Mickey Mouse Underpants can do it. And what’s frustrating is that I can’t do anything about it. Only she can control when/ if she goes one the potty. I know that eventually it will happen, but until then…

I’ve been thinking about instituting some “nakie” time while at home, or rather, putting the Bear into a dress without a diaper or underpants and seeing how that goes. What is stopping me is cleaning the carpet from accidents! We have a leather sofa so that wouldn’t be so bad and I do own a Little Green Clean Machine but to be honest, do I really need one more thing to clean up? I’ve also considered moving the potty into the family room to maybe encourage her going on the potty because she then doesn’t have to go all of the way to the bathroom (a whopping 20 ft.)

What’s worked for you? Any tips? Tricks?


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