Mass Warm-Up Act

If you missed Mass at St. Joe’s this weekend or are no where near Cottleville, here’s my 3 minute testimony on Reconciliation. Enjoy!

Good evening/ morning/ afternoon!

My name is Karianna and I’d like to take a few minutes to talk to you about a wonderful gift that we have been given, the gift of the Sacrament of Reconciliation also known as Confession. I want to share with you some of the things it has done for me and as an extension, my family.

If you mention Reconciliation to a group, you might get a myriad of opinions: That’s only used if you’ve done something REALLY wrong -or- God knows what I do or haven’t done; I don’t have to tell a priest about it -or- I love the way I feel after getting all of that stuff off of my soul! (Betcha can’t guess my personal opinion!)

I know when I am overdue for a confession. I am a little more short-tempered, impatient and irritable and for a married mother of a toddler and an infant… that’s a bad combination.

What I find best about the Sacrament is the forgiveness and graces that follow. As soon as the words of Absolution are said and the Sign of the Cross is made I fee God’s Grace within me. I am more relaxed, more patient and more loving than before. I am ready to give my vocation it’s all.

Sometimes, receiving the Sacrament is easier than other times, but I feel it is in those hard times that it really matters. Pride is something that I struggle with and Pride can make making a good confession difficult, all because of that little voice trying to shame you out of cleansing your soul.

Although it’s been eight years since I joined the Catholic Faith, I still remember my first confession. I remember being scared- not because of what I was about to tell the Priest- but because I wasn’t sure what to do. So, my pre-confession confession of sorts was “I don’t know how to do this!” I remember the Priest chuckling as he told me that he’d help me along.

Bottom line is this: Nothing bad can come of doing an Examination of Conscience and receiving the Sacrament of Reconciliation, Only good.


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4 responses to “Mass Warm-Up Act

  1. Alisha

    Good job! Now we gotta bust out the chapel veils…:)

  2. Colleen

    We were late today for 8:45…well, on time. I wished I could have heard it. Good job. I completely agree. I also would add that bringing your children old enough for confession each month is a great way to witness to the sacrament. I never make her, but she has to come and sit if she does not go in. She loves it as well.

    • That is great and I love your blog. I am trying to start a blog too!

      • That’s great, Robin! The best advice I’ve heard is to remember quality over quantity and to find your voice. Write about what you love and what really speaks to you. I know when I’ve written something that’s solid because you just get a feeling. Best of luck to you!

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