Things I love Thursday: Better Life

I didn’t want to get onto the whole “I love this product” bandwagon, but I just have to in this case. The husband and I made the decision to introduce chores to our almost three year old and since she loves playing in water, we thought that washing the kitchen floor would be a good match. In addition, The Dragonfly is beginning to creep along and the last thing that we want is for little crawling hands to be covered in chemicals. That meant I had to seek out a kid friendly, safe floor cleaner. Thank goodness I live in St. Louis, the home of “Better Life!”

About six months ago, I was at Costco and there was this demonstration for a new cleaning product. With having two little kids in the house, I am always cleaning something up, but as most little kids… there is no distinguishing “floor food” from “table food.” I chatted a bit with Tim (who I found out later was one of the innovators) and walked out of Costco with three new cleaners and a whole new point of view.

Better Life is the brainchild of two St. Louis dads, one a chemist, the other an idealist, who wanted to make household cleaners that were safe for families. Out of that meeting of the minds we get the Better Life line. Made of all natural ingredients (aside from a smidge (10 parts per million) of a synthetic preservative), you could essentially eat these cleaning products, if you were so inclined.

I use the all-purpose cleaner (What-ever!) on all of my household surfaces and I discovered today that it’s a great cloth diaper pre-treater. The floor cleaner (Simply Floored) is strong but gentle. It managed to get the dirt, grime and weird, sticky stuff off my floor with minimal effort. The floor cleaner is ready to go, no bucket needed, just squirt on the floor, clean and go. I use the liquid scrubber (Even the Kitchen Sink) on my kitchen sink and trash can every night after I’ve finished the dishes.

Not only are these products environmentally friendly and family safe but they are also a local company which is an important factor for me. So if you are so inclined, check them out… you can’t go wrong!

Better Life Cleaning Products


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