Things I love Thursday: Diaper Koozie EXTENDED!!

Since I am now cloth diapering two children, I found that I was in need of some new diaper covers. I like to support Work At Home Mothers as much as possible so I headed over to Etsy to see what I could find. I found the cutest covers at Diaper Koozie.

Tiffanie at Diaper Koozie uses print fabrics backed with PUL to make a soft, flexible yet very functional diaper cover. With my latest purchase from her, I discovered that she is making her diaper covers multi-sized, which is great if you have multiple children in cloth or if you want to get the most bang for your buck.

In addition to the diaper covers, she also makes eco-friendly, reusable snack packs/ sandwich bags and “Baby Hanks”… think handkerchiefs for baby. The Baby Hanks are great because they are super cute, very soft, well made and you can use them as on the go wipes for sticky hands, faces or at home as diaper wipes, eliminating the need for boxes and boxes of disposable wipes. The snack packs and sandwich bags are lined with PUL and easily wipe clean on the inside. They close with a simple hook and loop closure so there are no worries of bunny crackers accidentally dumping out all over your bag. Get a few of these and you greatly decrease the number of sandwich bags your family goes through!

Tiffanie ships quickly and her work is supurb! I am glad to be a Diaper Koozie customer and I’d like you to have a chance to enjoy her products as well! Time for my FIRST giveaway!

For a chance to win a eco-friendly snack pack in a cute clocks print, please leave me a comment with your favorite healthy on-the-go snack and/or a cloth diaper washing secret AND what Diaper Koozie item you’d love to use. Be sure to head over to Diaper Koozie to check out all of her items and place an order if you are so inclined! I’m telling you, you won’t be disappointed! I will select a winner by random lottery on Friday June 18 and notify the winner by email.


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15 responses to “Things I love Thursday: Diaper Koozie EXTENDED!!

  1. Jennifer Cook

    What a great giveaway Karianna! My diaper washing is secret is Bac-out made by Bi-O-Kleen this suff is amazing. I spray it on the poop diapers before I put them in the diaper pail and it helps to prevent stains. I also spray it on my diapers before I hang them on the line to dry and sun out stains and it gets out even the worst stains (even tomato sauce and blueberrry poo stains)!

    Our favorite healthy on-the-go snack would have to be bananas, it’s so easy to just throw a banana or two in the diaper bag and run out the door. It comes in it’s own biodegradable wrapper and it’s own handle if you peel it correctly, what more could a busy mom ask for? It’s the ultimate convenient portable snack.

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  3. Sara Walker

    My diaper washing secret is Tide Laundry Detergent. That’s it easy-peasy, lemon squeezy. No stains no stink. My favorite to-go snack are grapes or little cuties tangerines. Yum, yum, yum, yum delicioso!

  4. Amber Mierta

    My cloth diaper washing secret is……I switched to Rockin’ Green Soap. I was having horrible amonia problems and after one soak with this stuff, no more amonia. It is the best! My kids favorite to go sacks are animal crackers or just about any other cracker! I am diggin’ the nascar print diaper cover you have. Glad I found you on ebay which led me to facebook and then to here!

  5. Bridgette

    My diaper secret is the pre-soak cycle. It drives my boyfriend nuts, but the diapers are SOOO much better after that.

    Favorite healthy snack has got to be frozen grapes. Being cold means you burn more calories eating them…and they make great ice cubes in a pinch!

  6. Tanya Jeong

    I’m not sure if my secret for cloth diapering has worked yet, because I just started 2 weeks ago (or so). But after using my Tide detergent, my diapers started to smell musty. I’ve been reading online that it might be that I’ve been using too much detergent, so I’m washing them without detergent to try to get the scent out.

    My healthy on the go snack would probably fruit… but it usually doesn’t last past the elevator ride down to my car. Haha.

    • Tanya, you might be using too much detergent in your dipes. There really is not alot that is needed to get them clean. Are they absorbing pretty well still?

      • Tanya Jeong

        I think so… a little too much so. They started to stink up baby girl’s room so we moved it to her bathroom. The next thing I’m trying is doing an extra rinse. We’ll see how that works.

  7. Nina

    being a cloth diaper newbie i don’t really have any secrets, but i have had great luck getting out stains by putting the diapers in the sun.
    my favorite healthy snack would have to be apple slices. no mess in car! and i’m lazy so i don’t even take the skin off.
    i like the hankys in any “manly” pattern!

    • great add, Nina! The sun does work wonders, but I have heard from other mamas that it can break your elastic down faster than normal wear and tear. I still sun my dipes though

  8. Anastasha

    As I do use diaper rash ointment regularly on my son, I squirt in a bit of dish soap into about every load of cloth diapers. I’ve been doing that since someone explained about “stripping” the diapers and haven’t had any absorption issues at all.

    As for snacks, usually string cheese is an easy grab. Lately, if the cardinals score 6, I’ve been stopping for quarter drinks at Mobin on-the-run…my 2 1/2 yr old loves that! (hmm…however, I’m not sure if that qualifies as “healthy” 🙂 ).

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