My Top Ten Reasons for Breastfeeding (WBW: Day 2)

There are so many reasons out there to breastfeed and it’s hard to try to compile them into a top ten, but here we go:

10. It’s free

9. I never worry about having a clean water source handy

8. The milk is always at the right temperature and is ready to eat

7. There are no additional dishes to do

6. I don’t have to get out of bed to conduct a night-time feeding

5. I can stop tantrums in an instant

4. Breastfeeding is a great pain reliever for little boo-boos.

3. It’s eco-friendly

2. There are no added chemicals to worry about

1. Did I mention it was FREE?

I am sure you have some personal points to add to this list! What are advantages have you found by breastfeeding? Do share!

As this is WBW, my posts this week will reflect this. In addition, use my blogroll visit other blogs that celebrate breastfeeding and the joy that comes from it. Make sure you check them out! Also, the 8th Edition of The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding is out. This edition has been revised since 2004 and it. is. awesome. Seriously.

Pax Christi!



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2 responses to “My Top Ten Reasons for Breastfeeding (WBW: Day 2)

  1. Ellen

    Along the lines of the tantrum stopping, it really does calm the little one down, pretty much no matter what. Unbeatable soothing power.

  2. ooh, putting her back to sleep quickly. i know “they” say not to do that, but it has allowed all of us to sleep well, even when she is not sleeping through the night.

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