Top Ten Worst Things about Breastfeeding (WBW: Day 3)

Because I fully believe in equal representation, I feel it’s only right to compile my Top Ten Worst Things about Breastfeeding to balance yesterday’s post about the Best things.

10. Sometimes I really have to think about my fashion choices for the day

9. Waking up in a puddle of milk is never fun

8. Three words: Random. Milk-ejection. Reflex.

7. When parents hustle their children away from me, like I am a pariah, when I sit down to breastfeed at the park.

6. The look of pity, followed by the look of disapproval, when I say “No, she’s not sleeping through night.”

5. Teething

4. Needing a breast pump if I am away from baby for more than 4 hours

3. Engorgement

2. The sad , puppy-dog face my husband gives when he can only look and not touch

1. Explaining to people that, yes, my baby is still nursing at 3 months… 6 months… 9 months… 12 months… and beyond.


I am sure you have some personal points to add to this list! Do share!

As this is WBW, my posts this week will reflect this. In addition, use my blogroll visit other blogs that celebrate breastfeeding and the joy that comes from it. Make sure you check them out! Also, the 8th Edition of The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding is out. This edition has been revised since 2004 and it. is. awesome. Seriously.

Pax Christi!



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7 responses to “Top Ten Worst Things about Breastfeeding (WBW: Day 3)

  1. Ellen

    Well I would have for sure said that pumping at work is the worst part of breastfeeding. But now that my little one is almost one and I’m starting to wean myself off the pump I’m sad about it. I will continue to nurse when we’re together, but in a couple weeks I’ll start slowly introducing cow milk when he’s at daycare.:( Pumping has been an adventure with both of my children, and it has been a pain at times, but it also has allowed me to feel connected to my babies at sometimes inopportune moments.:)

  2. Lara

    Mastitis. With every new baby. Doesn’t matter if I follow the rules.

    The Cluster Feed. I know it only lasts a few days or weeks, but sitting propped up in bed topless with milk streaming all over your torso and feeding a fussy baby on and off for 4 hours? My worst memory by far.

    heh heh. I’m so glad my first was allergic to formula and I was forced to stick it out. What a blessing for them and our whole family.

  3. definitely cluster feeding. it even sounds annoying.

    and, along the lines of wardrobe, i have had the hardest time finding a bra. for a 36h. i am still not even sure it exists. so i wear bathing suit tops. thank goodness it’s summer.

    and now, my 7 1/2 month old likes to pop off and look around. especially in public. and now i have no cover, because little girl won’t let me wear it, which causes more ruckus than if i just pop it out.

    and not having more than an hour of peace. she always seems to be hungry when someone else is watching her (even after i just fed her), and she refuses to take a bottle.

    oh the joys…..

  4. Biting. Biting. Evil biting. I understood the whole, “I’m teething or I’m clamping because I’m tired” nipping that can happen, but I was not a fan of intentional chomping.

    Thankfully it’s stopped, but for a good month the baby was opening wide to latch and then *pow* — with a very sneaky, impish look on her face afterward… complete with evil grin.

    And I completely understand fashion choices!

  5. Mary

    Everyone is different, but I LIKED the cluster feedings. Thought it helped my kids sleep more at night.

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