Things I love Thursday: Breastfeeding-friendly Children’s Books (WBW: Day 5)

Ask this breastfeeding mother about the one thing that she loves to find more than anything else, it’s a children’s book that depicts breastfeeding as normal and natural. Too often in children’s books, babies are fed primarily through bottles and therefore kids tend to see bottles as the “normal” or “right” way to feed a baby. If you are a bottle-feeding household, there is no issue with this, but if your children are breastfed, it’s nice to have books that show that as well.

One of my favorites is Mama’s Milk by Michael Elshon Ross, illustrated by Ashley Wolff. This sweet, simple book opens with a human mother nursing her baby in bed, while daddy snoozes near by and the pages that follow are filled with other mammals and their babies nursing. The text is poetic and usually one line per page, making it great for your youngest nursling. For older kids, at the back there are mammalian facts like “The biggest piglets nurse lowest on their mother’s belly” or “kangaroo milk is pink.” The watercolor illustrations by Ashley Wolff are so pretty and there is even a picture of a mama nursing in public. This book is now offered in a bilingual version but I really wish it came in board book style as this book can get a lot of love.

Another that we have is called Breastmilk makes my tummy yummy by Cecilia Moen. This is a board book and it’s simple poem is very easy to memorize. In fact, I have it running through my head even though I don’t have the book in front of me. The drawings are a little crude but, for me, it reinforces the comfort this book brings. There are quite a few illustrations of toddler nursing, a shot of tandem nursing and a picture of the family bed. I can’t say this is our favorite in general but it’s a cute one.

Sadly, I have to end my post there as those are the only breastfeeding-friendly children’s books that I personally own. I have a few that promote babywearing (A Ride on Mother’s Back by Bernhard is great) but there are not many breastfeeding specific or inclusive books out there. Hey, children’s book writers and illustrators, how ’bout it?

What breastfeeding-friendly children’s books have you found? What books are staples in your library and as a result end up as gifts to friends?

As this is WBW, my posts this week will reflect this. In addition, use my blogroll visit other blogs that celebrate breastfeeding and the joy that comes from it. Make sure you check them out! Also, the 8th Edition of The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding is out. This edition has been revised since 2004 and it. is. awesome. Seriously.

Pax Christi!



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2 responses to “Things I love Thursday: Breastfeeding-friendly Children’s Books (WBW: Day 5)

  1. Goodnight Moon will always be in my house & is a must from me at all baby showers.

  2. Four years ago, after my son was born, I decided to write a children’s book about breastfeeding as these types of books were often hard to find. I recently had it published. Please check it out at

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