The ABC’s of Breastfeeding: N-Z (WBW: Day 7)

At La Leche League meetings, one activity that we like to do is the ABC’s of breastfeeding. It’s a simple activity allowing us to brainstorm 26 benefits of breastfeeding and I’d like to present some to you today and tomorrow. I say some because every time we have a meeting, the benefits for each letter change depending on who is there!

N- nutrients. Mama’s milk is chock-full of all of the nutrients that her growing baby needs

O- osteoporosis, obesity in the child, ovarian and breast cancer risks are decreased. ‘Nuff Said.

P- Poo. Most breastfed babies have poo that is rather pleasant smelling… kind of like buttered popcorn.

Q- Quick. No preparation needed.

R- Rest for Mama. Frequent breastfeeds require mom to stop and sit for a bit a few times a day.

S- Safe. Since the milk comes right from mama, there is no worry about what might be in the milk.

T- Totally Free.

U- Uterus. Breastfeeding after birth helps to trigger uterine contractions after birth helping to get the uterus back to it’s pre-baby size and suppresses bleeding.

V- Vitamins and Minerals. Check.

W- Warm, no Waiting, available in Wartime

X- Xtraordinary. Breastmilk changes in consistency depending on the age of the child, so it is always the perfect food.

Y- Yummy in Baby’s Tummy

Z- Zero Waste. No packaging, no extra milk to throw out because baby didn’t finish the bottle, no nothing.

And this brings us to the end of World Breastfeeding Week. I hope you found my posts this week to be informative, humorous and a little eye opening to the world of Breastfeeding. Tomorrow, we are driving back to Missouri, so I am not sure whether I’ll be posting… We’ll see…


As this is WBW, my posts this week will reflect this. In addition, use my blogroll visit other blogs that celebrate breastfeeding and the joy that comes from it. Make sure you check them out! Also, the 8th Edition of The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding is out. This edition has been revised since 2004 and it. is. awesome. Seriously.

Pax Christi!


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