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Now on Tuesdays! Ask The Caffeinated Catholic Mama

I feel the Holy Spirit’s been after me for a while to do this so I am going to finally stop being stubborn and say “yes.” Starting tomorrow and every Tuesday to follow, I will use my blog space to answer your questions to the Caffeinated Catholic Mama.

So if you have questions about Catholicism, conversion, RCIA, Natural Family Planning, Breastfeeding, Cloth Diapering, Frugal Living, Knitting, Crochet, Biology, Forensic Science, Marriage, Parenting, Gentle Discipline, etc., etc., please send me an email at:

CaffeinatedCatholicMama (at) gmail (dot) com

In your email, please include your first name and let me know if you want your name withheld when I answer your question on the blog.

I will do my best to answer your questions and if I cannot, I will refer to a Catholic’s BFFs for the answer: The Bible, The Catechism and The Priest. (that’s assuming your question is about Catholicism.) Please try to make your questions concrete as I am not so good at the existential questions… after all, my education is in the Natural Sciences!

I have no prizes to offer for your questions other than the knowledge that you might be helping others with their questions!

Looking forward to answering your queries!


Pax Christi!

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Bunk Beds!

This weekend brought some changes to our household. The biggest of which is the addition of Bunk Beds to the Bear’s room! The husband and I have been discussing the sleeping arrangements for a bit and we’ve decided that it was time to start transitioning The Dragonfly out of our bed and into her own and since The Bear tends to slide out of her toddler bed (for lack of space) we thought “Let’s upgrade the Bear to a twin bed and move the crib/toddler bed into our room.” One of the husband’s co-workers now has 2 kids in college and 2 kids in high school and since there is now the room, the two younger girls were no longer going to share a room and he was looking for a buyer for the bunks. We got a great deal for them and are very happy.

For now the plan is to have The Bear on the bottom bunk and The Dragonfly will sleep in the crib in our room for naps (and eventually at night) until she out grows the crib. After she outgrows the crib… who knows. I don’t like the idea of The Bear being on the top bunk until she is older (like 6) but I don’t think we will have the Dragonfly in the “master suite” until she is three. I figure we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it.

The Bear is loving the bunks. All of her animals are on the top and right now it’s acting as a refuge for her if/ when she has to get away from her little sister. Last night was her first night in the bigger bed and she only woke up/ cried out 3x, which is a lot better than I thought she’d do! (I mean you figure, new bed, new bedding, waking up to see a bed above you rather than the ceiling…)

The hardest thing for me is seeing the changing table in the basement. We were not really using it since The Bear potty learned and the Dragonfly likes to roll during diaper changes, but that table’s been in that room for 3 years! I know that we are not done having kids but seeing all of these changes kind of makes my uterus hurt!

Since a post is nothing without pics, enjoy!

Bunks and Babies

Cheesy Bear showing off her new bedding

Crib in the “Master Suite” (Our bedroom is tiny. That’s our bed you can see on the Right side.)

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