Be Like Valerie

I have this dear friend, Valerie, who is the epitome of grace in motherhood. Valerie is the mother of 5, with  #6 due any day now. Her husband is an Iraq War Veteran and was injured in the beginning days of the war. In fact, I am pretty sure he was injured while she was pregnant with child #2 or #3… it really makes you feel for all of the young wives and mothers whose husbands are out fighting for our country. But I digress.

Despite all of the chaos that life can throw at a person, Valerie approaches each day with such sweetness and patience that it is a goal that we can all aspire to. In the years that I have known her, I have never seen her sweat, never heard her raise her voice at her children, and takes all of life’s little incidents in stride.

When I look at myself, I wouldn’t say that I am her polar opposite, but I do get easily frustrated and I can flare up pretty quickly. After answering the same question set from my three year old, over and over and over again, I can’t help but get a little snippy with my answers.

I know that Valerie and her husband have a very strong prayer life for themselves and with their family. Maybe she is just bathing in the graces that flow from that. Maybe Valerie is a true Type B personality… not an A masquerading as a B. Maybe she has some ancient Chinese secret. Only God knows. But I can strive to have a more prayerful prayer life, at least.

As I said in the beginning, Valerie and family are expecting their newest child, their second daughter, any day now. Please join your prayers with mine as we pray for a safe, healthy delivery for mom and baby girl.
Is there a mom in your life that you can’t help but admire? Do you have any prayer intentions? Add them below and we will pray for them.

Pax Christi!


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