Ask CCM Tuesday: Mainstream Moms?

The question that I am addressing this week came to me inadvertently and it was inspired by yesterday’s post. The following is not a direct quote of the question, but a paraphrasing of it”

What does it mean to be “mainstream?”

According to the sages at Wikipedia, mainstream is:

Generally the current thought of the majority

So, in my opinion some items:

bucket/ pumpkin seats
bottle feeding
scheduled C-section/ induction
institutional schooling
moral relativism (If it doesn’t hurt anyone else, it can’t be wrong)
mega Supermarkets
convenience foods
Working Moms
Stay Home Moms

non-medicated childbirth
letting baby arrive when he/she decides
hybrid compact
adhering to Church teaching
home gardens/ farmers’ markets
whole foods
Stay Home Moms
Working Moms

Neither of which are good or bad, because you have to do what is right by your family. But I am sure that some mainstreamers look at the counter-culturalist as being a little weird, just as the counter-culturalists look at the mainstreamers as being followers. You may be a hybrid of the two types which always makes life fun! (Yup, I know that I have working and stay home moms on both lists! But you know… some people would consider the decision of being mom as being very counter-cultural!)
Do you have any to add to the list? Comment below!

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Pax Christi!



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3 responses to “Ask CCM Tuesday: Mainstream Moms?

  1. I think it’s smart that you included SAHM and WOHM in both categories because there really are a lot of both in each group. I would also add co-sleeping to the counter-culture category and cribs/cry it out to the mainstream.

    Now where you lost me was with “moral relativism” and “Church teachings.” From what I can tell, the crunchy community is pretty evenly divided amongst those who are super liberal and very conservative. There are a lot of people that I have connected with online who share pretty much all of my views on parenting, but we couldn’t possibly be more different when it comes to politics, religion, etc. I think there are a lot of conservative Christian moms that I would place squarely in that “mainstream” box and many liberal, agnostic or atheist moms who are very counter-culture.

    • Hi Elita!

      My thought in the matter was not so much as there being a clear cut dividing line between the two groups (mainstream vs. counter cultural) but looking at each individual case so, depending on your view, you may be pretty mainstream with your parenting but counter cultural with your personal life.

      With respect to moral relativism vs. following the church, more often that not you will find that people like to pick and choose which church guidelines and teachings apply to them or they church/ denomination hop once things start to get a little uncomfortable where they are (moral relativism) rather than following all the rules. (i.e. Among Catholics, you might hear the term “Cafeteria Catholic” meaning they pick and choose what parts of the church they want to follow.)

      In my life, I have bits of both. I vaccinate my kids according to the AAP schedule (mainstream) but I also am an extended breastfeeder (counter culture.) I wear my baby when I can (counter culture) but my kids know all about Mickey Mouse and the Imagination Movers (mainstream.)

      Hope that helps you understand my mindset! (I don’t think I’ve been very clear as of late. Too much multitasking.)

  2. Maman A Droit

    Interesting lists! I agree on the “adherence to Church teachings” one. As a convert to Catholicism, it’s been a bit disappointing to see how few people actually believe & try to follow Church teaching on even just really major issues like attending mass each week and not using birth control! I guess I don’t understand why someone would be Catholic if they don’t believe anything the Church teaches.

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