Reminiscing: the Dress

Again, I was hanging out with Hallie and the girls at Betty Beguiles, and she started a trip down memory lane about wedding dresses. I’ve been married for 5 years and I admit, I was curious as to the fit of my dress.

But, first, the story. The Mister and I had a pretty uneventful engagement, except for a massive disagreement with the parents over a wedding detail. And to be honest, I really can’t remember what the issue was today. Anyway, we became engaged in January 2005 and I graduated with my Masters in May 2005. We attended our Pre-Cana session that summer and were planning a small wedding for September 2005 with plans for a larger event later in 2006. (We didn’t want to live together before getting married, hence the smaller wedding.) So, the weird thing is that, we were planning on getting married in Door County, Wisconsin and Wisconsin law states that you have to have your license something like 30 days before your wedding AND the clerks office is only open M-F, bankers hours. I was in Madison, The Mister was in Chicago and we were not exactly near Door County to get said license. But we had a plan.

The Mister’s parents gifted us an early wedding gift in the form of a trip to Key West, which we took in late August 2005. The plan was, upon returning from our trip we were going to head up to northern Wisconsin and get our license for the September wedding. But then, Hurricane Katrina stranded us in Florida for 2 extra days and we ended up missing our window of opportunity. But it was all good! Because, while we were in the Keys… The Mister and I eloped! It was a bit of a shock for our parents and what was even funnier was that the first person we called after eloping was our priest, Father Matt. You can see where our priorities were. Ha!

All’s well as ended well and the Mister and I are still very happy together, after five years and two gorgeous girls. My dress, that I wore in September 2006, is a strapless, mermaid cut dress with black detail in the overlay. I loved it then and I still love it now, especially since I still look pretty rockin’ in it! I’ll admit, looking back, I kind of wish I had gone a little more modest. Maybe, sleeves with that silhouette, but what can you do? I also didn’t wear a veil, which could be why I wear a chapel veil at Mass!

(In September 2005, we did have a church wedding but I wore a simple while suit. Very 60s chic!)




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6 responses to “Reminiscing: the Dress

  1. Shannon

    Gorgeous! I think this is the first time I have ever seen you dress. Love it.

  2. Stephanie Sherman

    Love the whole story, and of course you still look fantastic in the dress, but Mothers will always have nice things to say:)

  3. Nina

    Three things I love about the pics of you in the dress:
    1. You look amazing and it is a beautiful gown.
    2. The mix of the fancy dress and the studious glasses is a peak at your “multiple personalities” persay.
    3. The “glam-fam” factor — fancy dress with a background of all those toys. The bride meets the mom all in one photo!

    • Nina, I think the toys seriously make the picture work. That and the fact that I am not wearing a stitch of make-up and nursing has made the girls migrate… southward. 🙂

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