(**Warning** the following post contains Spoilers to the movie “Soylent Green.” If you have not seen the film and are planning to, I would avoid reading the last paragraph. Peace Out.)

I really don’t know why, but for the longest time I have been trying to define nay, pigeonhole, myself into some sort of polictical identity. I don’t know if there is a facination of having a known political stance or something about being able to confidently say “I’m a democrat” or “I’m a libertarian” and knowing that the person with whom you are speaking knows roughly where you stand on a multitude of issues. Yeah, we’ll I’m having kind of an issue with that one.

The funny thing is, when someone proposed that I was a conservative, I kind of shuttered. After all, my husband jokes around about the hippie liberal he married but to hear me described as a conservative was kind of unnerving. (For the record, it was the Mister who called me the C-word.) But what is in a name? And am I really a conservative?

Where do I stand on some issues? Let’s see:

Abortions: against
Death Penalty: against
WIC: would love to see revised to include more healthy foods and breastfeeding support (I’ll admit I don’t know much about WIC but it seems that the foods that are WIC approved at the market are all the stuff in the aisles… with the long shelf life.)
Food Deserts: I would vote for tax breaks to markets to get them into underrepresented areas so people do not have to rely on fast food and the like to feed their families.
Education: Every family has to do what is right for their family. Here’s the tricky part though… many neighborhood schools are struggling and is it right for a kid to be sent to a low performing neighborhood school just because that’s where they live? So public education needs help from everyone, not just those with kids in school.
Organized Labor: Supportive, to an extent. I guess I would rather 99 good people be protected along with the 1 lazy person than not to have any organization at all.
Environmental Issues: Save the Earth, I believe in Global Warming
Evolution: I’m a fan of Darwin’s
Iraq War: not a fan, but I believe in the government’s role in protecting it’s people from foreign threat
Afganistan: Hot Mess, but see above
The Troops: They are what make it possible for me to write what I write on this blog
Repealing “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”: Ridiculous
Women serving in combat roles: I support them.
Raw Milk: Hopefully getting my first gallon this month… just have to make sure it’s not a government sting operation.
Preferred Media Source: NPR

So, there really is no clear demarcation to where I stand, which I think is true for most of us. For my old friends, I am not the liberal hippie I once was. For my new friends, I am not the bastion of conservatism that they may be. The problem lies in how do we best find the representative who most upholds our own values? For me, I tend to vote for the “Pro-Life” candidates on the basis of if we are not protecting the most fragile of lives, lives that will eventually become voting American citizens, the rest of the issues are moot.

What I fear most is becoming complacent and waking up one morning and telling myself that nothing is going to change, so why bother. If enough of us begin to think that way, next thing you know you have Charlton Heston running out into the street yelling: “It’s People! Soylent Green is People!” or *shudder* Germany in the 1930s. So, call yourself liberal, conservative, libertarian or what have you. Bottom line is: You’ve got to stand for something or you’ll fall for anything.
Lent begins this Wednesday and I’ve decided that for 40 days I am going to avoid these HEAVY topics and try to focus on the spiritual with a dash of levity here and there. I’ll be including the meat-free recipes for your enjoyment and don’t forget, if you have one to share, email it to caffeinatedcatholicmama (at) gmail (dot) com. Include your first name for the props!

Pax Christi!


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