A Modern Day Princess

I’ll admit, I got all caught up in the Royal Wedding. There was no way I was going to get up sans children to watch the LIVE broadcast, so I DVR’d it so I could watch it at my leisure. I am glad that I did, because when I did get up (earlier, yesterday, to watch and to pack for a trip to the Zoo,) my little darlings both got up at the same time. Sigh.

I was able to catch snippets of the broadcast here and there but I was over the moon to see a few things:

Kate’s sister, Pippa, and the adorable Flower Girls!!

but more importantly, Catherine’s wedding dress. Swoon.

What do I love most about this dress? Everything. I love the lace. I love the A-line. I love the embroidery. I love the train. I love the veil. I love the tiara. Must most of all, I love how modest it is.

Think about it ladies and gents, instead of having Audrey or Katherine or Jackie or Grace to emulate, girls now have Snooki, Christina or Gaga. Stripper Pole Dance Classes are cast as group exercise and seven-year olds are hawked thongs and padded swimwear.

Who would you rather your daughter emulate? Other than you, of course!

Michelle Obama has turned the tide in First Lady dressing a bit and gone a bit more elegant and modern with her look but, sadly, many girls would look at her and see someone who is… old. You know, like their moms.

So, I want to say “Thank You!” to Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge for showing us how modest dressing can look so classy and appropriate for young girls and for celebrating my favorite NEW-TO-ME accessory… the fascinator!

Pax Christi!


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3 responses to “A Modern Day Princess

  1. Awesome Post! I think you have this right on target!! Girls these days could really use a modern day, modestly dressed role model. What a nice change to see Princess Kate & her sister all over the news for once. Unfortunately I think so many of our younger girls think it is ok to dress sleazy (because thats all they see in magazines and on the news) instead of classy and modestly. Hopefully these two will inspire. I mean what young lady wouldn’t want to look like a princess 🙂

    • thanks for your comment, Marianne!! I know that princesses are kind of looked down upon by our society but I don’t think that class should ever go out of style, but I fear that it will unless we stop it! Viva La Classe y Style! (OK, that probably doesn’t make any sense and might even be inflammatory/ insulting!)

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