The Top Ten Ways Spin Class is kind of like Childbirth

During an especially challenging spinning session this morning, I was inspired to write this post. Most of you know that I am an advocate for Natural Childbirth techniques (i.e. Drug-free) but I am going to include some stereotypes as well, so I hope this kind of makes you giggle, as thinking about it made me giggle. And I am sure my Spin Instructor, John, was seriously wondering what was going on… Enjoy!

The Top Ten Ways Spin Class is kind of like Childbirth

10. Someone is always demanding you to “Push!”

9. At some point you stop wondering, “Does the person behind me think my butt looks big?”

8. There’s a whole lot of pressure on your perineum.

7. Just when you are thinking “Hey, this is pretty easy!,” things start to get… challenging.

6. Your friends around you provide untold amounts of support

5. 60 seconds feels like an eternity

4. Two-words: Primal Grunts.

3. You are silently cursing the person who got you into that mess.

2. Hypnobirthing/ Bradley methods/ Deep Breathing/ Happy Places really come in handy.

1. When you finish, you wonder what all the fuss was all about and you are ready to do it again!

This was meant to be tounge-in-cheek, and I hope you enjoyed it! If you follow me on Twitter, you know that I am a Spinning Fanatic and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Pax Christi!


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