Wordless Wednesday: Simple Similac?

Yes, if only feeding a baby could be this simple…


Pax Christi!



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4 responses to “Wordless Wednesday: Simple Similac?

  1. Kim

    Really? When I was working in our church’s nursery I had a very minor panic attack when I thought I might have to *make* a formula bottle. I had no idea what to do and it didn’t seem simple to me at all! Lifting my shirt for my baby to latch on… that’s simple!

    • In all of my formula knowledge (read: none) I would think the simplest formula would be the kind that’s pre-mixed and ready made, like they have in the hospitals. I can just see so much human error happening with the powder and water that could be harmful. I grew up in Milwaukee and I still remember the Crypto outbreak of 1993 when our water was contaminated and we were all under boil orders! I can’t remember where I was reading it, but I do recall someone saying that sometimes moms with lower incomes may dilute the formula with more water to make it last a little bit longer, which can be bad for baby’s kidneys due to the increased water intake.

  2. Nina

    While you know I’m pro breastfeeding, I can’t help but play devil’s advocate today. I’m thinking about our friend who just gave birth and is medically unable to nurse right now. I know there are milk banks but I’m unsure what her access or affordability is to that. And I’m pretty sure random “friend” milk would not be accepted into the NICU. It’s cases like this that I am thankful there is this “simple” option amongst an already very complicated medical situation.

    • Love those who play Devil’s Advocate!

      And you make a very good and valid point. We do need to recognize that there are moms out there who choose not to nurse or are in extenuating circumstances in which nursing is difficult if not impossible. I guess for me, though, it was the wording of the ad. In my mind it almost felt as if the ad writer was saying “What can be more simple than this?,” keeping the target audience in mind, who most likely are not moms who just underwent medical emergencies. (The ad was from a major retailer’s coupon book.)

      And you’re right about Milk Banks and NICUs, I believe that donor milk (if mom is unable to pump her own) in a NICU is a no-go, but someone correct me if I am wrong.

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