How we became engaged

Ah, Miss Hallie over at Betty Beguiles has issued another invitation, this time to share engagement stories. She is such the romantic and it’s great because I am kind of a cynic so she pulls the romance out of me. LOL! OK, so the story of how the Mister and I came to be:

Scandal Alert! I actually met the Mister when I was dating another guy. I was in my first year of Graduate school and I had joined a Karate School to get some exercise in, other than my daily run on the ‘deadmill’ and weights. The relationship I was in was nice but I guess he just wasn’t the right one for me. This guy was the second that I had EVER broken up with and it was the hardest thing to do in my life because he was the perfect man, just not perfect for me.

So, the Mister and I had been dating for about 2 years when I started getting antsy. OK, I’ll be honest. I was getting jealous because “everyone” else around me was getting engaged and married. For me the big crux was when HIS BFF proposed to his girlfriend after less than a year of dating (now the caveat is that THEY had been friends for about six years before they moved into the relationship rhelm, but I chose to ignore that fact. Yes, I was pouty-face.)

It was January 2005 and I was set to graduate from Grad School in May. In August 2004, the Mister had moved to Chicago to take a job and so we were doing the long-distance thing, me in Madison WI, him in Chicago. We would see each other on weekends, but that’s about it. I was interning at the State Crime Lab, but knew that after graduation I was most likely going to be moving to Chicago as well. The Mister was coming up that particular weekend as he had scored tickets to see “The Phantom of the Opera.” I had never seen the production and I really wanted to see the film with Gerard Butler and Emmy Rossum and The Mister decided that I needed to see the actual show before seeing the film version.

Before the show, we had dinner on the Capital Square and then walked over to the Overture Center on State Street. It was January in Wisconsin, so it was cold and I opted not to wear a coat, but it was a short walk. We get inside and get to our second row seats and sit down and the show starts. I am absolutely enthralled! I know that it is so gauche to like Andrew Lloyd Webber Productions, but I do, so there. The Mister was a little annoyed, however, because there was a couple behind us that kept talking throughout the entire first act. He decided to talk to the usher at intermission to see if anything could be done but as the show was sold-out, there was nowhere for  us to go, but the usher did give the couple a stern talking to.

Once the show was over and we were all filtering out, I was on cloud nine. I really enjoyed the production and really felt for the Phantom. We walk out of the Overture center and the Mister decides that we should go for a cocktail. I agree and start powerwalking, again, because it’s cold and I don’t have a coat. Now, on this particular weekend, they were having a cross-country ski competition AROUND the Capitol Building, so we were relegated to one side of the square. As we were walking, the Mister kept telling me to “Slow down!” and I would call back “No, hurry up! I’m cold!” Once we came up next to this cute little Episcopal Church on the Square (Grace Episcopal if you know the area) he gave a slight tug to my arm to stop me.

He stepped in front of me and said:

“OK, I kind of lied about “Phantom” being a birthday present. I wanted to make tonight special because you are the most important person in my life and I want to spend the rest of my life with you.”

Then he gets down on one knee, in the snow, and says:

“Karianna, will you marry me?”

Of course I say yes, and I start to cry (which I never thought that I would do) and I start telling random passers-by that I just got engaged. We called friends and family (not to mention that it was close to midnight, but who’s counting?) We did get our cocktail (extra-dry gin martini for me, Johnny Walker Blue for him) and the rest as they say is history! (And let me tell you, it’s been a great history, present and looking forward to the future!)

What was kind of funny is that he had the engagement ring (as pictured below) in the glove-box of his car for a few months before the proposal! He drove up to Door County Wisconsin to pick it up when he dropped me off at my friend Jen’s wedding shower! A brave one he is.

Head over to Betty Beguiles for more engagement stories or to share your own!

Pax Christi!



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2 responses to “How we became engaged

  1. Tamara

    Gauche or not…I’ve seen Phantom twice and still think that it’s enchanting. And I hope that I wasn’t the one to give you “pouty-face!”

    • Oh, Tam! You were so the reason I was pouty-face! I was UNBEARABLE and absolutely chartreuse with jealousy. The funny thing is, The Mister had already ordered the ring when you guys got engaged. Oh, the childishness!

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