7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol. 2)- The Sleep Edition

7 Quick Takes (Vol. 2)- The Sleep Edition

I’ve decided that it’s time that I stop complaining about how much sleep I am not getting and just chalk it up to that’s just how it’s going to be. You know how people of advanced age only sleep 4 hours a night or so? I used to think that was because as you age, you just didn’t need as much sleep… after all you aren’t growing any more, your metabolism has slowed, it’s just makes sense you can go on less sleep. I now think that as we age, we sleep less because we have conditioned our bodies to just go on fewer hours over the years. So, I am going to stop complaining about it and will just start accepting that I am not going to be getting 7+ hours like I did when I was kid.

Sleep… it was great when we were together, but I’m movin’ on.

I posted on FaceBook how my sleeping was suffering and I had quite a few friends chime in with their sleep woes. Most were parents as well and had similar stories but a friend, who doesn’t have children (yet!) talked about her poor sleep. Curious, I asked her what was up. (Now as a note: she just got married so it might have been post-wedding… activities keeping her up. LOL!) Turns out her sleep issue is her 100+ pound dog who shares a bed with her and her husband and as a result, she ends up tucked in a ball somewhere in a corner of the bed! Now, my gut reaction was to say: “get the dog out of your bed!” but then I remembered how I felt whenever people would tell me that I needed to get my child out of our bed if I made mention of poor sleep, (or if they gave me unsolicited advice in general) and so I kept my mouth shut. Sometimes people just want to complain, they don’t want you to solve their problems, because nine times out of ten, they already know the answer. And speaking of having kids in your bed… I actually slept better before we moved the Dragonfly into her own bed.

Part of my problem is straight-up environment. I’m one for cool, dark room, little air movement, white noise. What I have is a snoring husband who doubles as a furnace and his iPad, which illuminates the room, plus little visitors once or twice a night. So, to compensate, I wear earplugs and an eye mask to bed and I am constantly covering and uncovering as the temps change in the room, plus getting up to escort my Dragonfly back to her bed. But we make it work. Plus, he’s heading in for a CPAP fitting next week, which should help him get better sleep as well.

I wonder if sleep for adult is like for kids, cumulative. I am sure it is… it’s not like we are different species or anything. So If I sleep for 5 hours at night but take a 2 hour nap in the day that means I’ve had 7 hours total, right?

I don’t understand why it is so difficult for my children to lie down and nap sometimes. If someone were offering me free time to sleep, I would so jump all over that. But that’s the difference between the adult and child mind… to a kid, there’s always something to miss and the word mundane does not exist; to an adult, there’s nothing to miss and life, at best, is mundane.

I listened to the reading of “Go the <Bleep> to Sleep” by Samuel L. Jackson and I just about fell over laughing. The book is entertaining, but his delivery makes it that much more so. He starts out so gently and then morphs into Jules Winnfield toward the end! (That’s his character from “Pulp Fiction,” for those who haven’t see the film.) It’s highly entertaining, but NSFW or around little ears.

Someone tweeted something that made me go “Hmmm” the other day (and I forgot to record who!) The tweet asked if a mom could have written “Go the <Bleep> to Sleep” and if so, would it have been as well received? Hmmm?

The sweet Miss Hallie is hosting 7 Quick Takes this week as Jennifer from Conversion Diary is enjoying her babymoon with little Pamela Scholastica! Head over to Betty Beguiles to read more Quick Takes or to add your own!!

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Pax Christi!



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4 responses to “7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol. 2)- The Sleep Edition

  1. Can I just say I relate? I relate way, way too much to what you’re saying!

    • Then I believe that it is kismet that we’ve become blog friends!! Maybe we need a “Pride and Prejudice” Blog Event on the nights when we are not sleeping! LOL!

  2. Housewifespice

    My sleep trick I got from my MIL. When I was a brand new mom, I was complaining to her that I was up at 2, and 3:15, and 4 and so on.
    She replied, “Why are you looking at the clock?” Since then, the clock has lived in a place where I can’t see it from the bed. That way, I don’t know what I’m missing.

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