Seven Quick Takes Friday (Vol. 5)

It was announced this week that one of the first bloggers I ever followed, and my inspiration to begin blogging, Gina over at “The Feminist Breeder” was taking leave from blogging until September. Part of me is so happy for her because she really does deserve a little R and R, plus the family is crazy busy (as per her last post) but the selfish part of me is saying “Nooo! How am I going to get my fix?!”

The sad thing, however, is TFB has opened my eyes to how vicious bloggers and commenters and trolls can be. TFB, could be contraversial and her “voice” has changed a bit in the two years that I’ve been following, but if you google “The Feminist Breeder” you will not only find her stuff, but varying dissenting blogs that are downright mean. And to be honest, in my opinion, that is so uncalled for. What I don’t understand is why these negative nellies even bother? I mean, if I don’t like what a blogger has to say, I move on. But that’s just me.

Along the same vein, my friends and I were discussing how it seems like there’s been another outbreak of “HighSchoolitis,” you know, when grown women start acting like thirteen year old girls and just are mean and catty to one another? Yeah.

You know how we all have our flaws? I’ve figured out that another flaw I have is that I have no patience for drivers who don’t seem to know basic traffic laws. Yielding when they aren’t supposed to, not using turn signals, random lane changes, not turning into lanes closest to them, not understanding right-of-way, not yielding to pedestrians, etc, etc. I’m telling you, it would be a huge PITA but I think having to take the written exam every 5 or 10 years wouldn’t be a bad thing.

This past Saturday we had a birthday party for The Bear. Things went very well, excepting the heat, but what can you do about that? I also discovered that Pinatas are so much easier to break open on TV.

This week I had my first job interview in over 6 years. I interviewed for the position of swim instructor at our YMCA. Flexible hours, pool time, Y discount… it would be a great fit for a stay-home-mom. Plus, I was made to update my resume. Let me tell you how much fun that was. Pffft! I mean, how can I succinctly put into words all that I do as a wife, mother and blogger?

Some intentions for this week: For my friend’s husband as he heads back overseas, for my friends and family who are all in different spots on their faith journey, friends who recently lost twins at 20 weeks gestation, and prayers for Wisdom for DH and I as we contemplate something huge.

Head over to Conversion Diary to read more Quick Takes or to add your own!

(ETA: some prayers and to change wording a bit.)

Pax Christi!






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4 responses to “Seven Quick Takes Friday (Vol. 5)

  1. Joy

    Good luck with your interview.
    I need to update my resume too ~ procrastinating!!

  2. Wendy

    #4 cracks me up! I suck at driving, but I agree with you. My pet peeve is those people who have the right of way, but stop and then wave you out to make a left turn…grrr!

    Prayers for #7!

    • Wendy! What you just mentioned about people stopping who have the ROW is what set me off! It happened, like, three times in one day last week. I was so over it.

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