Seven Quick Takes Friday (Vol. 6)


Sorry about the lack of writing. This week I volunteered as a crew leader for “Pandamania”, our Vacation Bible School Program and I have been just about wiped out. It has been a fun and fulfilling week and I can’t wait to find out what happened to the missing Pandas!


A dear friend of mine is moving to Texas next week and we are going to miss her so much! Tonight was her going away party, and there were lots of laughs (and two broken glasses) and tons of memories made and reminisced. Laura, we’re going to miss you, but keep in touch!


While at the party, I was chatting with a friend about my summertime modesty post. We had a great convo about it and basically it came down to this: Dress in a way that you are most comfortable, but really ask yourself what your intention is. (English majors/ Grammar police, I know you are cringing.) I am happily married, and so I will not leave the house in an outfit that is intending to solicit the eyes of others. BUT with that being said, we are not held responsible for the eyes of others… that means that self-control is tantamount for everyone.


I think this heat is getting to me. Last night (Wednesday night), I had the oddest dream. I dreamt I was trapped in a McDonald’s with three other people and a homicidal schizophrenic. He liked to refer to himself as “Daddy” when he was lucid and would terrorize us when he was having an episode. At one point in the dream, we managed to get him outside of the restaurant and lock the door, only to realize that the back door was unlocked. I woke up not long after, in my dream, hearing heavy footsteps and a voice saying, “Daddy’s home.”

Totally weird and would be a great short story if not for the creep factor.

So, I said a quick St. Michael’s Prayer, and drifted back to sleep.


Have you read this piece by Modern Mrs. Darcy? If not, you should.


I was super excited to find out that I won the naming contest for LunaPads. What? You don’t know LunaPads? They are a fantastic company that makes reusable (read: washable) menstural cloths. They are the softest items ever and they are eco-friendly, as you toss them in the wash rather than in the trash. People often ask if I ever get skeeved out handling such fluids, but please remember, we’ve been cloth diapering on and off for about 4 years. If I can handle that, I can handle anything! Oh, the name? Pocket full of Posies. Oh, yeah. You know, some say that rhyme (Ring around a-Rosy?) was really a mnemonic for the bubonic plague…


Some prayer intentions: For Baby Keppel who is due to be born in early August (but we all know how due dates are really just estimates;) for Nina who is enjoying her babymoon with her new son (bringing the sons’ count to three in their family;) for two friends of mine, C and B, both expecting #6; for the mother of one of my VBSers, expecting #8; for my friend, K, who is on a journey full of questions; and of course, for Laura and her family moving to Texas.

Head over to Conversion Diary to read more Quick Takes or to add your own!

Pax Christi!


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2 responses to “Seven Quick Takes Friday (Vol. 6)

  1. Jeanne G.

    I love washable pads. Of course, being broke and crafty, I sew my own, but I still think they rock!

  2. A dear friend of mine moved to Texas in January–and she came home for a visit yesterday! I hope your friend’s move goes well and that there are many happy reunions in your future.

    Thanks for the link love!

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