Seven Quick Takes Friday, Vol. 7

I received a couple questions about my Thirty-One announcement, yesterday, so I thought I’d clear them up here today: No, you do not have to have a party to order the items from the catalog; No, you do not have to have a party at your house; Yes, I can do catalog and internet parties; The name of the company comes from Proverbs 31 in the Old Testament; Yes, I have a few August slots open for parties; Patterns and designs change twice a year so things are always different; Yes, they now have stuff for *men*. Hope that helps you, my fantastic readers!!

This past week was World Breastfeeding Week and I am kind of ashamed to say that I did not write any posts about it. It’s been pretty busy here, and I know for me, since our chapter of LLL is celebrating WBW with a big event in October (which is great considering how the weather has been this summer) it just was not at the forefront of my mind.

Continuing along the lines of things that I thought that I would never do (like Direct Sales, again.) I’ve started watching a neighbor boy 1 morning a week for about 3 hours. His mom works from home but has to make a conference call one day a week and we know how kiddos are once you get on the phone! My girls love having the extra playmate to boot!

I spent part of this week looking at old videos of the girls when they were itty-bitties. Oh, yeah. That started the ovaries in to aching!

I am standing at my kitchen island writing this, as the girls are at the table finishing their breakfast. The Bear takes some milk onto her spoon, flicks it at her sister and says to her, “I’m just blessing you!” Another “You might be a Catholic Mama, if…”

If Baby K arrives before Wednesday of next week, I’ll be writing this next week from beautiful Door County! If Baby K doesn’t arrive before next Wednesday, I will have the whole house to myself until Sunday afternoon! Kind of a win-win… except for having to bust out the breast pump.

Intentions: For the Jaycox family who recently arrived to their new home in a far away state. We’ll miss you, Laura! For the Keppel family, for the safe arrival for Baby #3. For my in-laws, who are traveling this weekend. For those who died here in Missouri in heat-related deaths.

Have a great weekend!

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Pax Christi!


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