What I’m reading Wednesday Vol. 2

Hi everyone!! Here’s the round up of some interesting things that I have been reading:

If you have children under the age of 5, especially more than one, you will really appreciate this one. This blog post was forwarded to me by Missy and it’s so very true. When you hear, as a parent, that things will just get better and to cherish each moment, it’s hard to believe, especially when you are in the Tunnel, but things do get better… The Tunnel of Parenthood

If you are a loyal reader, you know how I feel about girls’ clothing. In short… the classic styles are really pricey and the budget-friendly styles are usually immodest, trampy, campy or just bad. Check out this Epic T-shirt fail by JCPenney.

If you have been reading blogs or just keeping up with internet news, you have known that children really are not longer the accessory du jour. In fact some places are out-and-out banning children from their premises. A mom at Jezebel.com wonders Where, Exactly, Is it Okay to take your Kid? The last two paragraphs are particularly giggle-worthy but spot on.

In Breastfeeding news… there’s trouble a brewin’. If you know the name Nancy Mohrbacher you know that she is an amazing peer counselor, author, educator and IBCLC. But it seems as if LLL is not in agreement with that. Read about how LLL of IL removed her as a leader due to an insurance clause that could have been changed.

Happy Reading!!



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