Whatever Wednesday: LA edition

The hubs and I made it to LA on an uneventful flight from STL, but I have to admit that being I experienced quite the 80s flashback over the last two days…

Walking though the airport, I spotted a man with a true to life Jheri Curl. Now the funny thing is not the fact that the man had a Jheri Curl but the fact that the “Soul Glo” theme from “Coming to America” became stuck in my head.

Then on the plane, where I was in one of the most uncomfortable positions ever owing to the fact that my seat did not recline (we were in front of an exit row and our seats did not recline, citing FAA regulations) and the kind folks in front of me and the hubs reclined their seats ALL the way. So I practically had this woman’s head in my lap and I am sure it wasn’t the most comfortable having my knees jammed into her spine. It was one of the few times in life that I’d wished I was shorter. Anyway, on the plane, there was a guy sportin’ a red ‘Members Only’ jacket.

Our hotek room in LA is very 80s chic, complete with fluorescent lighting and decor in golds and reds. The plus side of our trip is that LA is so fantastic! I am trying to get my head around that I am going to be living in the ‘city’ again and this time with kids! We found an apartment in Pasadena and it’s only a few blocks from parks and the market and Colorado Blvd… The route of the Tournament of Roses parade!

Now we just need the Badgers to get to the Rose Bowl this year and it’d be just right!



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