Seven Quick Takes Friday (Vol. 12)


I attended my first Pasadena MOPS meeting this past Tuesday. It’s weird going to a *new* group, but I think it going to be a great group of ladies. The group is HUGE… I’d say about 125 women over 2 days, plus there is a Teen MOPS and a MOMSNext group. Whew! The one thing that does bum me out is that… they don’t do crafts! I am sure that is from a cost analysis perspective, as trying to do crafts for that many women could get expensive, and would take a chunk of time from the meeting. But I love my crafts! Hmm… maybe that’s a niche for me?


I will say one of the most amazing parts of the meeting flies in the face of my quasi-feminist sensibilities… Cinderella came to our meeting! One of the MOPS fundraisers is a Fall Ball and with us being so close to DisneyLand, some of the Disney Princesses will be there. Now, I know that some people are going to hate on Disney Princesses but this is not the space to do it, because I will admit that I- a grown, 31 year old wife and mother- actually got a little lump in my throat when Cinderella came into the room. So sue me.

5. Earlier this week, I surprised my girls by pulling out my flute. I haven’t played since The Bear was maybe 1 and I was pleasently surprised that I didn’t sound horrid. That then inspired me to look into taking some lessons again. I was able to find a teacher, a performance flautist with a DFA and her rates are pretty amazing ($30/ 30 min.) I mean, come on- you can’t get a chair massage for that price! We’ve been thinking about getting the Bear started on Violin lessons and surprisingly, the rates for those aren’t half bad either!

I’ve been hanging out on Pinterest for about 2 weeks now and I can see why it’s so addicting. Before we left Missouri my BFF, Kim, had my girls for one of the mornings which allowed me to clean my house and run some errands. (Coincidentally, it was the same day we ended up receiving an offer on our house, so the cleaning was SO worth it.) Anyway, while the girls were there, they made “Foot Ghosts” by tracing their socked feet. So what does that have to do with Pinterest? Thanks to Kim and Pinterest, I was inspired to make this super cute Halloween decoration yesterday with help from the girls… and their feet!

(How do you like the Coffee Press in the background!)

We’ve been in Pasadena for 2 weeks or so and I can easily say that this is where I would love to stay here in California.

We’ve had the inspection done on our house in MO and we got dinged on not having a tip-over bracket on our stove. Now, DH is a Regional Underwriting Manager and so whenever we see stuff like that we jokingly curse the underwriters. (for example: we bought a new chimney starter for our grill. For those not in the know, it’s a cylinder of metal that you stack charcoal in and you can light the coal without lighter fluid. Now, it’s a cylinder of metal! And there was a sticker on it saying that the metal gets hot when on the grill.) But seriously, a tip over bracket on the stove? Do you have one? I mean, who lets their loved ones hang on the stove or stand on the open oven door?? I don’t know if our stove here has a tip over bracket and there are earthquakes here.

Part of me thinks that I should be worried that when I ask the girls what they want to do today, my 2 year old responds with “Go to Starbucks?” Does that make her a Caffeinated Catholic Toddler? Kidding of course… the girls get Chocolate Milk or Vanilla Steamers (100 degree.) But they are already indoctrinated, mwahahahahaha!


ETA: If you could keep my friend’s little boy, Chase, in your prayers it would be much appreciated. Chase became sick with an e.coli infection at the end of summer which developed into Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome. Very, very bad. The doctors have done all they can and this week, Chase’s family moved him to a “hospice-like” setting. He has to remain sedated to be without pain. The family may have days or weeks left with their little 4 year old warrior.

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And… I’m on Pinterest now!

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  1. “Caffeinated Catholic Toddler?” Love 🙂

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