What does your uniform look like?

About a year ago, I made the decision (after reading it in a book) that I need to figure out what my daily uniform looks like. Uniform, you may ask… what in blue blazes do you need a uniform for?

But think about it… a uniform at its core is just something that you “usually” wear. Now militaries and governments and private schools may require uniforms to erase all forms of individuality from the person and help them to think more as a collective, but you have to admit that is does make dressing that much easier in the morning when you only have a few items to choose from.

Looking around, you can see uniforms on all sorts of people… not just those you expect to be in uniform. DH works in an office, so every morning he wears:

1. Starched button down or Collared Polo shirt

2. Trousers

3. Tie, if needed


When I was in college, I worked as a cocktail waitress during the summer and I noticed that there was a corollary between the amount of leg exposed and the tips one received, and so the uniform was adjusted as needed. 🙂

So, after reading a few manifestos (and hearing many a stylist) rail against the wearing of comfy pants and gym wear to places OTHER than the gym, I decided to jump on board. Essentially, my uniform can be broken into five pieces:

1. Wide-Leg Jeans or Trousers, with a higher rise than these pictured. After all, my tummy looks nothing like this and crack is whack. (in Dark Wash, Gray or black)

2. Cotton Jersey shirt with a bit of spandex, so the shirt doesn’t just hang on me, long or short-sleeved. (in white, black, gray or neutral stripe)

3. Cardigan (in black, gray or brown)

4. Dress, usually a wrap style, or maxi and I tend to avoid synthetic fabrics… can’t stand them since during my first pregnancy.(here I do have more colors… not by much though!)

5. Pashmina or lace shawl as a Scarf (my color pop! I have pashminas and shawls in every color)

I do have a few “trendy” pieces (tunics, leggings) but for the most part I try to stick to these tried and true (and classic!) pieces. Now, when I go out with the kid-lets I feel less schleppy and sloppy and more pulled together.

Tomorrow, let’s chat makeup, shall we?
Do you have a uniform… some style that you wear day to day? Think about it… you might have one and not realize it!


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2 responses to “What does your uniform look like?

  1. Wow, we really are kindred spirits! Yep, I have all those items in my closet: that’s my personal uniform too!

    This fall I tried to branch out by buying some tops that were a little more blouse-like than my typical tshirts, but I’m still pairing them with the same shoes and dark denim, and a scarf if the neckline works.

    “Schleppy and schloppy”–yes, I want to avoid that, for sure!

    • I just can’t do the button-down thing. I tried, especially when I worked at Loft and got the great discount, but I would always get the gaping front. I bought a size up and then I’d be drowning in it… that’s before I realized that tailors do amazing work, though.

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