Seven Quick Takes Friday (Vol. 15)


Fall Ball was last Saturday and needless to say the girls had an absolute blast hanging out with Cinderella, Prince Charming, Tiana, Tinkerbell and Rapunzel. The Dragonfly is already talking about next year!


It seems as if the Milwaukee Co-Sleeping/ Infant Mortality billboards have really hit a nerve in the blogosphere and has even received some national attention. So, now we’ve got lots and lots of people talking about it, but will anything good come of it? I can tell you, most of the ire is coming because of the vilification of co-sleeping/ bedsharing. If would be different if that was the only factor leading to the deaths. Why aren’t we talking about how important it is not to parent while under the influence or why co-sleeping needs to occur on a firm mattress, without fluffy pillows and blankets and not on the couch. I know that “keep your baby in a crib” is the easiest message to get across, but there are also inherent safety dangers to crib sleep: fabric crib bumpers, ill-fitting slats, too small mattresses. Considering it’s been about 2 years since the first controversial anti-cosleeping ads hit the city and we are still “talking” about it shows there is still much to be done.


Thanksgiving is less than a week away and the only plan that we have in place is that we are going to be brining and smoking a turkey. Have I mentioned that we haven’t purchased a turkey yet?


I am a week into the 14-day Heart of Gratitude challenge put forth by Betty Beguiles and I have to share that after a bit of a rocky start (ahem, Sunday disagreement) things really are becoming lots of fun. I find myself looking forward to the challenges and excited to see DH’s reaction. So far, so good! Plus, he’s planning at-home date night tonight!


This week, The Feminist Breeder featured a guest post about the Fertility Awareness Method. Two fantastic things came out of this post:

a. thousands of women found out that NFP is a form of the FAM (just with abstinence rather than condoms)

b. thousands of women found out that the Catholic Church endorses NFP and NOT the rhythm method for spacing children.

Yay for information sharing!


I have to admit something. Despite reading tweets and information pages about the Occupy Wall Street movements, I honestly can’t figure out what the goal is. I mean, like them or not, the Tea Partiers had a pretty clearly stated goal, right? So, if you can help me out, I’d appreciate it.


Read this awesome prayer in the December issue of Good Housekeeping:

“Lord, Grant me the Power to get out of the Shower.”

How many of us have been there, done that?


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Tune in tomorrow for my gift guide for the “hard-to-shop-for” in your life!



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3 responses to “Seven Quick Takes Friday (Vol. 15)

  1. Corita

    That Feminist Breeder guest post made me exceedingly happy, too. I find it hilarious that people know so little about what the Church teaches (when I don’t find it sad.) But also, every time I read about women rejecting the nasty chemical castration of the Pill, I rejoice.
    RE:6, The OWS movement aims to try to put its bodies in place to underline the reality of the people who are NOT getting bailed out, who are struggling every day while corporations make ever more profits. It is highly different from the Tea Party Movement in certain ways, although there is intersectionality. Significantly, OWS asks for *all* of society, including the government, to care and take action over the giant gap between rich and poor that continues to widen every year.
    RE7: It made me laugh as I sit here, having been unable again today to get the shower I so desperately need…..

    • Another thing that gets me is what people *think* is true about the Catholic Church and then perpetuate those lies (i.e. worshipping the Saints) but maybe we as Catholics are not doing enough to correct those untruths.
      Thank you for your OWS points. I really am not kidding that I know nothing about it, other than what I see on Twitter. OWS can be looked at as a social justice movement then also. Kind of a “how can I pull myself up by the bootstraps when I can’t even get the boots?” I often think about Suze Orman. She has great financial advice but what kind of killed her to me was when I found out that someone gifted her $250K to get herself out of her original debt.

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