Saturday’s Holiday Shopping Guide: Hard-To-Shop-For

We are down to  5 Saturdays until Christmas! In our family we really value not celebrating/ decorating Christmas until after Thanksgiving (although I would prefer waiting until after ADVENT, but we compromise.) But that’s not so say that the shopping portion can not be completed earlier!

Sometimes it’s really hard to find great gifts for people, ones that are functional but also pleasant, so I thought that I would offer some unsolicited advice on what I would consider great gifts. So far, we’ve covered ladies and gentlemen; this week… those who are hard-to-shop-for/ “have everything” in your life! These are the people who tend to receive cash or gift cards or something just as generic. So, this year, lets change it up a bit and consider Charitable Donations!

These can be a bit on the tricky side. The key to giving a charitable donation is to keep your recipient and their stance on issues in mind. Your gift is supposed to be one of appreciation and kindness and should not start an ideological war. The list below is not a comprehensive list and you can of course look to local agencies, but consider this a starting point!

To fight hunger/ aid disaster relief

American Red Cross

-Feeding America

Share Our Strength

The Salvation Army

For the Animal Lover 


Best Friends Animal Society

-Local Animal Rescues

For the educators

Donors Choose

For non-cash charitable donations

These are kind of neat because you can use your cash to buy a gift in someone’s name which is then donated to a family. Some examples of the gifts are: cows, goats, honeybees, fish for a fish pond, micro finance, etc.

Samaritan’s Purse (Christian Organization)

Heifer International

Kiva (micro finance for men and women)

Accion (heavier emphasis on financing women)

Hope this will help a bit in your holiday shopping! Next week, we’ll talk about some easy-peasy handmade gifts that even the non-crafy among us can make and give!! And of course, if you know of other charities or other great gifts, please leave a comment below!


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4 responses to “Saturday’s Holiday Shopping Guide: Hard-To-Shop-For

  1. I agree. I refuse to decorate for christmas until December. Not even ater Thanksgiving. We usually decorate around the 10th. My cousin was telling me how she decorated yesterday. I love christmas and all but it’s wayyyy too early!

    If you decorate after advent isn’t that like on christmas day? Just curious…

    • Thanks for reading and commenting!

      Traditionally, German (and maybe other European culture) families decorate the tree on Christmas Eve, after the kids are in bed, that way the next morning they wake up to see the tree lit up. (Incidentally, in German tradition, it’s not St. Nick or Santa who brings the gifts, it’s the Christkind (the Christ child) and he is the one who decorates the tree as well. The decorations then stay up, usually until Three Kings Day (the Epiphany.)

      • oh wow that is a really neat tradition!
        As a kid I always liked decorating the tree 🙂 but that is kinda neat. I bet it is hard to do because of how secular everything is and the kids ask but sue’s family has a tree up already. We always leave the christmas decorations up until the 6th the epiphany. I refuse to take anything down until then.

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