Confessional on a Tuesday

I’ll admit, I really like it when bloggers write out their confessional posts. Confession really is good for the soul and while confessing little bits about yourself in a blog for the enjoyment of your readers is NO MATCH for the Grace that flows from a true Reconciliation for someone is a true state of Sin, they are still a little fun. We all have our idiosyncrasies and sometimes you have to talk about them.

Without Further Ado:

1. I really enjoy Young Adult novels.
2. I have never read nor seen a Nicholas Sparks book/ film inspired by a book.
3. Last month I ate cooked peas for the first time.
4. I schedule out my days.
5. Red Wine contributes to my migraine headaches, but I still have a glass here and there.

6. “Breaking Dawn” was the first Twilight film I saw in the theatre.
7. I enjoyed the Twilight books.
8. I tend to dress in neutrals because I am too lazy to match colors.
9. I let the 4 year old leave the house dressed in what she picks out.
10. Usually it’s a hot mess.

11. I am considering wearing a head covering outside of the Mass.
12. Yes, I am serious.
13. In our house we have 2 iPads, 1 iPhone and a MacBook… and a Blackberry
14. 90% of the time, DH and I are in the same room whilst on computers.
15. I like Shamrock Shakes.

16. I realize that writing is narcissistic work, and I see the irony in being a Catholic blogger trying to work on her pride.
17. I love eggnog lattes.
18. I hate stuffing/ dressing.
19. When my girls pretend play, coffee is always involved.
20. I’d take Alan Rickman over Hugh Grant ANY DAY.

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