Seven Quick Takes Friday (Vol. 16)


This is my first post since we’ve returned from my mother’s funeral service. As much as we tried to put the FUN in funeral, it was still a bittersweet event. Not only did people tell me how much I reminded them of her, but I’ve realized that my mom was a people collector just like me. She had made so many contacts and so many impressions that the fact that she was gone was very apparent.


Case in point, after the military service at their cabin in the woods (and you could totally spot us city folk from the Nordwoods folk, by the fact that our feet were freezing as it had snowed,) the hubs, my BF and I headed into a bar for a beer. (It’s Wisconsin.) The other bar patrons asked if we were visiting and I told them that I was there for my mother’s funeral. A bit of time passed and one of them said… “Not Stephanie?! You look just like her!” Everyone in that little town knew her.


One thing about funerals are the old pics that get pulled up. Here is a pic of my parents and my grandparents in the 70s.

IDK what gets me more… my dad’s hair and Tom Selleck ‘stashe or his 3-piece suit.


One good thing about the trip is that we were able to introduce the girls to an Old Milwaukee legend… Real Chili!

They had hot dogs.


For me, one of the most touching moments of our trip back was the fact that my husband’s family (Mom, Dad, Brothers, SIL, our niece and nephew,) as well as my dad and stepmother,  all drove over for the funeral. Why? In the words of my MIL: “Family is family.”


Yesterday was the Feast of the Immaculate Conception. To celebrate, we made blue frosted cupcakes.

Can’t really tell in the picture, but the cream cheese frosting kind of took on an “odd” texture. But they were still yummy.


Today, I tried to become an official California Resident. However, since the fact that I needed additional proof that I am an American Citizen was missed (needed to bring in a passport or birth certificate and marriage license) I spent 40 minutes at the DMV for nothing. The other gem of the day? Because we’ve owned the Swagger Wagon for less than a year, we have to pay the SALES TAX difference between MO and CA (even though the van was bought in MO.) That grand total was $1300! To register my car!  The DMV worker *suggested* we wait until after we’ve owned the van for a year to avoid the extra cash out of pocket. Hot. mess.


Thank you so much for all of your prayers, positive thoughts, cards and gifts! It really did brighten my life in this dark moment. It’s so hard being away from friends and not having a support system (yet!) and it’s great knowing that you are all there!

Be sure to head over to Conversion Diary to read more Seven Quick Takes!

Tomorrow I have a 7a flight out of LAX but I will try to get my “homemade” gifts post out before then.



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4 responses to “Seven Quick Takes Friday (Vol. 16)

  1. Your girls are just the sweetest each time you post a picture. I would be that happy too if I was going to eat chili!

  2. I’m so sorry for your loss. These past 2 years it seems like a ton of people have passed away 😦 I lost both my grandma’s, a bunch of friends have had relatives pass, my aunts office had 20 funerals alone! I hope 2012 is better for everyone 🙂

    I love those cupcakes they do look yummy. I was never creative enough to figure out how to make colored frosting. I agree going home and to funerals you get a lot of “you look just like your mother, you look just like your father” etc. etc. it’s kinda cool and weird at the same time..

  3. I came over from Conversion Diary and wanted to say that I’m sorry for your loss. Also, your mother was SO beautiful and yes you definitely look like her just from comparing your blog picture and the picture of her you posted. She looks very Michelle Obama (I mean that in a good way!).

  4. jen

    i’m sorry for your loss. (i know it’s platitudinous but it’s what i feel.)

    we actually kind of *forgot* to register our car in california for about 5 months… and passed the one year ownership deadline so we had no sales tax. it’s a $90 penalty but the savings was $900.

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