My new favorite secular Christmas song

I usually do not play Christmas music in the house until after Gaudate Sunday, mostly because: A) It allows at least 2 weeks to focus solely on Advent and B) it keeps me from wanting to pull my hair out at the endless looping of the same songs.

This is challenging because, everyone else starts playing Christmas music the day after Thanksgiving! (Or earlier in some cases…) Now that I am playing Christmas Music in my house, I’ve decided that I have a new favorite secular Christmas song.

Past title holders have been:

Silver Bells

What are you doing New Year’s Eve?

(It must’ve been) Ol’ Santa Claus (Harry Connick, Jr.)

Sleigh Ride

The Christmas Song

White Christmas

The Christmas Waltz

Usually, how it works, is that the favorites tend to get replayed over and over and over again. And, in an odd move by this ESTJ, I pick the song based on how it makes me feel! So this years’ favorite?

Baby, It’s cold outside!


I know, I know… I’ve heard it called the “date rape” song too, but come on! To me, it’s a cute, flirty song sung between a courting pair, back in the days of  gentlemen, ladies and scotch.

I love how she sings that her mother will worry and her father will be pacing the floor and sure it gets a little weird when she asks what he put in the drink and kind of funny that she’ll stay for cigarette more. And he lays on the flatter thickly: “Man, your lips look delicious” is repeated at least twice in some versions!

So, in my Christmas Playlist I have three versions:

Dino (Dean Martin)

Ella Fitzgerald

Kurt and Blaine from the Glee episode last year (2010)


So that’s it. Maybe it’s my song this year because here in Pasadena… It’s not so cold outside!




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6 responses to “My new favorite secular Christmas song

  1. I love that song! I never even picked up on the ‘date rape’ until this year. Haha. I’m with you though, it’s just too cute and flirty to not like! 🙂

  2. I had to look up the christmas waltz and what are you doing new years eve because I couldn’t remember them.

    I met a nun over the weekend who said they don’t play any xmas music in the convent until CHRISTMAS and anyone will make excuses to go to the grocery store so they can hear/listen to christmas music 🙂

    I LOVE christmas music and christmas movies but here it is Dec 21 and I’ve now heard every christmas song for 2 weeks and seen every christmas movie and i’m almost sick of them….blah

    • The Christmas Waltz is so addicting… I think it’s the 3/4 time signature. I love the line: “And this song of mine in three quarter time, wishes you and yours the same thing too.”

  3. Hello! I found you from Catholic Mother’s Online! Love the blog, I think I might stick around if that’s alright! Oh and I love baby it’s cold outside. :))


    dietel days

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