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A letter to His daughters

Father’s Day is right around the corner and I thought that this would be the perfect time to share this one with you. This coming Saturday will be the last Mass, at our Parish for one of our priests, Father Christopher Martin. He has been appointed to a new position within the Archdiocese as the Director of the Office of Vocations. While he will be very much missed at our church, he is going to excel in his new role… especially since he is such a shining example of the priesthood. You can read a little about him, right here.

Anyway, about two years ago, I worked with Father Martin organizing a series of talks for the women of our Parish. The four talks revolved around the phases of life that a woman goes through and how it parallels her spiritual life. The topics were:

1. Daughter of God

2. The Wifely Vocation

3. Mothering

4. Being a Child of the Spirit

The talks were fantastic because we were challenged to look at ourselves in different ways, to look at ourselves through the eyes of our Heavenly Father and it was also a gentle reminder that we are called to be wives and mothers, that we don’t just choose that route. Just as easily as I was called to matrimony, I could have instead been called to be a religious sister.

For me, the highlight of the “Daughter of God” talk was a letter that Father Martin read to us. Let me explain the origin of the letter. He told us he was sitting in Adoration, praying for wisdom and guidance as to what to say to the women. (If you are a non-Catholic reader, Adoration is a time when the Blessed Sacrament is exposed and one has the chance to sit in the Holy Presence of Jesus. It sounds odd if you have never experienced it, but once you have experienced it, it is amazing!) He said that he began writing and writing and when he stopped, a letter was on his notepad. For you skeptics out there, I personally have experienced this in Adoration. While everyone experiences Christ differently, I always take pen and paper because my questions and concerns are written out for me. It’s hard to describe, but I can really tell the difference from my¬†own thoughts and the thoughts that are coming from God. I asked Father Martin if I could share the letter with you because I refer to it often. I have it printed on pretty cardstock and it hangs where I can see it in my bedroom. It’s great for a pick-me-up when I am down and Father says to share away as the words are God’s words, not his.

So without further ado, here’s the letter. Share it as you please, but please do not change the wording. And if you are asked where it came from, you can attribute it to “God, as given to one of his young priests in St. Louis.”

Postmark: Heaven 2009

To my dearest daughter,

How pleased I am with you, and with this opportunity I have to speak with you directly! My voice is often drowned out by the busyness of your life, but even greater still by the lies that you have been told and begun to believe about yourself, and in turn, about me. So let me be clear…

You are beautiful. You are the masterpiece of my creation. You are not an afterthought or a solution to a problem. You are my delight. Before time began I loved you and I love you still. You are beautiful because I am beautiful and you are a reflection of me. If only you could see yourself as I see you! Your body expresses life; receptive and nurturing. Your soul reveals my wisdom, my compassion and my grace. You heart reveals my mystery. You are gloriously mysterious, and I alone comprehend the fullness of your mystery.

You are worthy of my love. You are desirable. You are my desire. My enemy has attacked you through the actions and inactions of some of my sons. Their own struggle with self-worth, insecurity and weakness gives rise to objectification, neglect and abuse toward your beauty. Do you see how these wounds affect you? Their doubts cause doubt within you. But I have no doubts, no regrets. The shortcomings of men do not define you. I define you. I am wiser, stronger and greater than any man. For I am Wisdom, I am Strength, I am Greatness and I delight in you.

Allow my Son to heal you. His love is my love. His healing touch is my healing touch. He is the true man. He restores you and makes you new. With Him I am well pleased. Listen to Him, for He speaks Our truth… Your truth. He stands before me now and speaks of you. I send Him to you so that you may know this important truth: You are not alone. You are not abandoned, nor will you ever be. We are with you always, my dear one. You are my precious daughter, and that will never change.

Looking forward to having you home,


Happy early Father’s Day! And Thank You, Father Martin!!

Pax Christi!

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