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Praying through the day

If you follow me on Twitter, you have noticed a trend in my tweets… a great deal of them have been about prayer. Prayer is one of those things that should be easy to do, but I think we make it overly complicated. Jesus tell us to “pray without ceasing and not lose heart” (Lk 18:1) but during a busy mom’s day, it can be hard to fit in some “quality” prayer time, so I too often don’t do anything at all. My philosophy is that if it’s not the best prayer that I can give, why bother prayer.

So. Wrong.

Every prayer is a quality prayer, especially if it is a prayer that comes from your heart to the one who adores you above all else. Prayer takes many forms: it can be a favorite song, or poem. It can be a short phrase. It can be a grand Psalm. It can be something simple. It can be every hour of your day. We pray not just with words but also with out actions.

One of the things that drew me to Catholicism were some of the graniose prayers: The Rosary, The Angelus, The Magnificat, The Memorare, The Our Father (I knew that one already,) Anima Christi, etc. But I am not learning the wonder of the little prayers, those of Aspiration. These little prayers of aspiration help keep me going through the day when I can’t sit down and say a full Rosary or have a good conversation with God.

Some Prayers of Aspiration that I use:

“Jesus, Mary. I love You. Save Souls.”

“I believe; help my unbelief!” (Mk 9:24)

“Come, Holy Spirit, Come.”

“Jesus, Have mercy on me, a sinner.”


So, how am I trying to fit prayer in during the day. Well, I have decided to kind of model on the Liturgy of the Hours in saying certain prayers at certain times during the day:

Upon waking: Morning Offering and Angelus

8am: Opening Prayers of Rosary 

Noon: Angelus

3pm: Divine Mercy Chaplet

5:30p: Angelus

7p: Evening Prayers from Magnificat Magazine

Right before lights out: Examination of Conscience/ Intentions/ Prayer to St. Michael/Night Prayer from Magnificat Magazine

You might be looking at that list and wondering about the Rosary? I say a decade whenever I get into the car to drive.

Something else I have been trying to do is offer each hour of work during my day up for someone. To me, this is a way of making my life into a prayer, especially if there is housework involved. Before beginning my work for that hour, I say:

“Lord Jesus, I offer this hour of my life with it’s deeds and actions for [insert intention here.]¬†

I’ve offered hours for friends, family, people for whom no one prays, souls in purgatory, etc., I find when I do this, I am less likely to be tempted away by FaceBook or Twitter or any of the other time-sucks in my day and my mundane chores become Acts of Service… which happens to be my love language. (Of course, I keep a clean home for my family as well, but it’s also nice knowing that others benefit from your actions!)

There you have it. My latest project. I’ll keep you updated on my progress with prayer life as we go. Oh, I wanted to thank all of you who joined me in prayer this past Friday. Some updates:

Baby D arrived Saturday evening after almost 42 weeks gestation. He was a spontaneous labor and was his mom’s second VBAC. The family is enjoying their BabyMoon.

My friend’s husband arrived from Japan on day early and she was over the moon for their reunion.

How do you get your prayer fix in during the day… especially if you have preschoolers or younger??

Pax Christi!

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