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What is wrong with me?!?!

So I am going to throw in the towel on the scheduling of my blog posts. I was sure that it would help me always to have something to write about but I am finding the opposite to be true! Now, granted, we have been a little busy with prepping for the move and DH has been home only 3 days in the last 2 weeks, but you would think that I would still have something to write about! There is a lot of self-doubt in there too… that I am not writing posts of “worth.” (Now if that sounds narcissistic, you have to understand that blogging/ writing in general is a very narcissistic activity. After all, you write with the hope that someone will read and just adore/ abhor your writing!)

I am going to go back to my roots of randomness. Writing about Catholicism, Etiquette, Our fantastic feminine nature, Parenting, Breastfeeding, Toddler challenges (Oh, the Toddler Challenges. The Dragonfly is turning out to be much more spirited that her older sister at 2!) etc, etc. After all, why did I begin a blog? As a creative outlet! And I guess, structured creativity of kind of an oxymoron and it’s really proving true for me.

And you know, you could help me out as well… why do you read my blog? What posts really resonate with you? Here’s hoping to avoid another 15 day dry spell!



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